Requirements When Donating Eggs For Money

It is a shame, but not every woman is able to donate eggs for many different reasons. All fertility clinics and egg donation centers have different criteria. Some of the requirements come from a legality aspect. But most of the clinic’s policies are set in place for bettering the chances of the In-Vitro process being successful as it is a very expensive and stressful process for most In-Vitro patients.

Usually fertility clinics and egg banks like you to be near the age of 21, and not over 35 if possible. They want you to be 21 so that you can enter into a contract legally. Why 35? Well the age limit is there due to the fact that most women over 35 or so do not respond as well to the strong fertility drugs that you must receive to donate eggs. Also as women reach age 35 or above their eggs are more likely to abnormal thus decreasing the success rate of In-Vitro. It can also be possible to heighten the chances of birth defect with an older egg donor above the age of 35.

Donating Eggs For Money

Also as you would probably assume women that have given birth to healthy children already are even better candidates as their eggs have been proven to produce a health offspring. This is pretty much standard at most clinics, but do not less this deter you as many women donate their eggs for money that have not given birth before.

The information above is standard procedure. Beyond these things most couples that are seeking egg donors will be seeking some one that is intelligent and or talented. Also a good family medical history is very important. Be very honest during the screening process and do not try to fool the fertility clinic or egg broker just so you can donate. These families are going through enough and they do not need false information impeding their In-Vitro process. Even more important if they do not know your families true health history it could stop them from preventing possible complications with their child.

What Couples Look For In An Egg Donor

egg donation for moneyMany couples are also looking for someone that looks as much like the mother to be as possible. So don’t be offended if you do not get that phone call. It may be helpful to register with multiple clinics as your chances of getting picked could be heightened. Now this could lead to a lot more screening processes that you will need to go through, but will surely up your chances of getting to earn money for donating your eggs.
Be sure to keep in mind that egg donation is not a simple process and you will need to take fertility drugs and also go under Anastasia when they actually retrieve the eggs. It is a small operation with little recovery time, but it is still an operation. I don’t want this to detour you, but it is good to know before you waste the time of an already busy fertility clinic. It is hard enough for them to find the right donors for hopeful mothers so it is best that you at least have a good idea of what it entails before even making that call, sending that email or submitting that form.

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